24 Insane Guinness World Food Records

24 Insane Guinness World Food Records

1- World Largest Hot Dog (Commercially Available)

The largest hot dog commercially available weighs 3.18kg (7lb) and is available from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats (USA) for 40$.

2- World’s Largest Cheeseburger

Tipping scales at 2,014 lbs.  (1 ton), the bun took 7hrs of cooking and 60 lbs of bacon, 50 lbs of lettuce, 50 lbs of onions, 40 lbs of pickles and 40 lbs of cheese.

Largest Hot Dog, Cheeseburger, Pizza, Salad

3- World’s Largest (Gluten-Free) Pizza

The largest gluten-free pizza has a total surface area of 13,580.23 ft² and was prepared in Rome, Italy, as homage to emperor Octavian Augustus.

4- World’s biggest Greek salad

Six tons of tomatoes, 3 tons of cucumbers, 2 tons of peppers, 800 kg of onions, 500 kg of feta cheese, 500 kg of olive oil, salt, oregano comprise the world’s biggest Greek salad.

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