24 Insane Guinness World Food Records

13- Largest Chocolate Sculpture

Celebrating it’s 30Th anniversary, Qzina Specialty Foods built a replica of a Mayan temple out of 18,239 lbs of chocolate. Mayans first used chocolate as early as 600 BCE.

14- World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

The largest chocolate fountain located in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas measures 26 ft tall and circulates 4,409 lbs (2tons) of chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute.


15- Largest Gingerbread House

Although built with a real framework and even electricity, the house featured completely edible walls made from candy canes and 4000 pieces of 12×17 bricks of gingerbread, icing and 22,000 pieces of candy.

16- Biggest Chocolate Bar

Measuring to 13 feet long and weighing 12,000 770 pounds and 4 points 48 ounces this chocolate bar won the title for the biggest chocolate bar in the world after being completed in 2011. Chocolate company Thornton’s made the big candy bar in order to celebrate 100 years of making chocolate. The endeavor took 10 hours to fill the mold, and another three days to select it all cool towns.

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