24 Insane Guinness World Food Records

17- Largest serving of pancakes 

The record for the largest serving of pancakes in the world about 16 chefs band together to be able to make twelve thousand seven hundred sixteen crepes just in time for the last day before Lent with the pancakes, made as a sort of celebration for the end of winter in Russia.

18- Largest serving of mango sticky rice   

Hotel in Thailand called an Antara the palm Dubai Resort decided they’d make the biggest serving of this favorite treat in 2016, put together by the an entire Dubai culinary team. This traditional Southeast Asian dish weighed in at six thousand two hundred forty-one point two hundred eighty-seven pounds or two thousand eight hundred thirty-one kilograms. To complete the recipe the ten chefs needed about fifty kilograms of sugar,  five hundred liters of coconut, one thousand kilograms of rice and three hundred kilograms of mangoes.

19- Largest scoop of ice cream

Weighing in at three thousand ten pounds or 1365 kilograms the scoop stands at five feet six inches tall and about six feet two inches wide, made by Kemp’s LLC, the ice cream scoop wasn’t just vanilla they made sure to make it a strawberry flavored scoop one that totals to about 733 containers of ice cream to achieve think of the cone you’d need to make to hold this thing.

20-Largest Jaffa cake

In 2013, Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn proved that fancy cakes aren’t all she can do the Jaffa Cake created by her and her team measured to four feet in diameter, it took them 120 eggs and 20 kilograms of chocolate.

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