24 Insane Guinness World Food Records

21- Largest cake sculpture

The largest cake sculpture in the world achieved by the National Association of cake designers in Italy, the cake measures 254 feet by 45 feet seven inches by one foot nine point twenty five inches or sixteen point forty six by thirteen point 94 by zero point 54 meters in dimensions the cake was unveiled in Milan in 2015 and weighed 1000 kilograms.

22- Largest chicken nugget

The largest of your favorite fast food was made, and it weighed 45 pounds. In 2013 the company Empire kosher poultry cooked up the huge nugget for the kosher Fest trade show that was being held in New Jersey. In part, it was also for the Empire kosher 75th anniversary and so celebrate the F course made the biggest slab of chicken ever. It took 2.5 pounds of breading and six people to cook of a nugget which was then put into a 500-gallon fryer. It weighs, in the end, it came out 245 pounds.

23- Heaviest avocados

In 2017, a Hawaiian resident by the name of Pamela Wang made headlines when she came across one of the biggest avocados ever discovered pictured here, when we say came across we mean that weighing literally was just taking a walk in Kealakekua when she found this fruit and knew she was coming across something special, that avocado weighed 5 pounds 3.6 ounces. Then a year later, another Hawaiian resident Felicia Dodd Vassallo found an avocado that weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces and was found on the Big Island.



24- Longest Noodle In the World

For 10,119 ¬†feet and 2.92 inches or 3,084 meters, that’s the slurping power it would take to devour the longest noodle in the world in one go, created by Zhang Yun food company limited, this noodle holds a title for the longest ever. The company made the noodle in 2017 and Han in China.

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