5 fashion hacks that will change your Life

5 Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life


When I learned this it changed my life because it’s like the perfect roll, every single time, it just always looks wonderful. So basically, what you’re gonna do when you’re wearing your button-up shirt, so you’re gonna grab your shirt at the wrist and then fold it up like double the sized, I guess you could say so fold it up basically to where your arm bends like your elbow point, then you’re gonna take the shirt from the end again and fold it up again towards your elbow and from there you would literally have the perfect roll, and what I like to do is just keep a little bit of like the cuff of the shirt popping out a little and it just looks excellent, every single time, and I have been doing this for years so easy, works like a charm every single time.



When you’re wearing a belt, you have the flap of the belt just hanging around and it’s like super annoying, so sometimes you just like to try to tuck it in. So it literally just hung out and it looked really awkward, so what I do is grab a little piece of tape to make sure it’s a stronger tape because scotch tape usually doesn’t hold and what you’re going to do is just loop the tape and tape your belt down in place right at the end and then your belt is going to stay in place all day no one’s going to know you have it taped there and you’re not going to have that awkward flap happening.

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