5 fashion hacks that will change your Life

5 Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life


For all who have just done a full face of makeup and then she wants to wear maybe a shirt that has a higher neckline or it’s a very fitted shirt with a mock Kinect or something and you have that struggle of trying to put your shirt on when you have your full face of makeup going and the struggle is so really trying not to get makeup on your shirt. So I have two little tricks that I personally do to try to avoid this.

The first thing is to take your hair literally just brushes it all into the front of your face so it’s covering your face and then you’re going to stick your hands into the neck of the shirt and try to just gently pull it down, that way if your shirt does hit your face at all your hair is going to be covering it, so you’re not going to get makeup onto your shirt.



The second little trick, for this if you don’t want to put your hair in front of your face or maybe you have short hair and you can’t really do that then get yourself like just a hat that you can just wear, or if you have an extra like winter to happening around your house rabbit just pull it over your head, if you’re going to cover your full face and then pull your shirt on over the hat so you’re not going to get makeup on to your shirt because the Hat is fully covering your face and then that way you’re good to go so as long as you don’t mind getting a little bit of makeup on your hat. So maybe it’s an older hat or something like that, then that is a good little trick and your shirt is going to stay makeup free.

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