5 fashion hacks that will change your Life

5 fashion hacks


For anybody who likes to layer up your shirts, so if you like to do like shirts with a collar underneath a sweater or something like that, you know sometimes it can make your sweater look kind of bulky or it’s not quite as smooth. So this little trick is going to help you fix that so basically. What you’re going to do is have the shirt that you want to wear underneath the sweater or whatever you’re popping on over the top, and you’re going to put just like a fitted tank top or something like that over top of your button-up shirt, this is going to make sure that everything just stays in place, nothing is poking out in weird areas and it’s just going to hold your underneath like a collared shirt in place all day and then you pop your sweater on over top of that. No fashion No extra bulking happening no weird like bumps under your sweater, it’s just all nice and smooth thanks to the tank top just holding it all in place.

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