Amazon will open new bookstores and shops “4 stars”

More traditional shops. This announcement confirms the intentions of Amazon, already the world leader in online commerce, to strengthen its physical retail business, with larger and more traditional outlets. According to the Wall Street Journal last week, Amazon also plans to launch a food supermarket chain, separate from Whole Foods, with a first test expected in Los Angeles at the end of the year.



Last September, Amazon opened its first “4-Star” store in New York, where a selection of Amazon products and other brands rated at least 4 stars are sold, on a scale that counts 5. As it does with its bookstores, which offer the most popular titles on its site, Amazon uses the data from online sales to make its selection of products. In early 2018, the group also opened in Seattle its first store “Amazon Go”, a grocery store without a checkout where purchases are recorded by sensors and cameras.

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