At 70, the oldest death row in Texas was executed

Billie Wayne Coble was convicted in 1990 for killing his brother-in-law and his parents.

Aged 70, Billie Wayne Coble became Thursday the oldest prisoner executed in Texas since the restoration of capital punishment in the United States in 1976. The man was convicted in 1990 of a triple murder, that of parents and his wife’s brother, who had filed for divorce.

His death, caused by lethal injection, was pronounced at 6:24 pm in a Huntsville prison. Two hours earlier, the US Supreme Court had denied him a stay.

Rejected appeals
After the rejection of previous court appeals in Texas, Billie Wayne Coble had in fact urgently seized the Supreme Court. He claimed that his rights had been violated at his trial when his lawyer had not followed his defense strategy to avoid the death penalty.

The powerful civil rights organization ACLU also denounced his conviction, saying that evidence against him had been discredited since the verdict.