Australia torn apart on reducing its carbon footprint

A world without coal. In Australia, one of the world’s leading producers and the world’s largest exporter, the idea is thrilling. And for good reason: in 2018, the country, which recorded its twenty-seventh year of growth in a row, exported 66.2 billion Australian dollars (41.4 billion euros) of the ore. Manna to which he is not about to give up.

The two main political parties on the mainland island immediately reminded Labor MP Richard Marles, who, on February 20 – less than three months of legislative elections, scheduled for May 18 at the latest – mentioned the benefits for the environment of a possible collapse of world demand. The Conservative government accused it of wanting to destroy one of the national industrial pillars and endangering “more than 50,000 jobs”. Under the pressure of his own party, the elected had to rectify the shooting. “Coal clearly has an important and sustainable role to play,” he said.

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