Barcelona TOP 10 Things to do in Barcelona

7- la Boqueria Market

La Boqueria is a large public market in the old city district of Barcelona and one of the city’s main tourist landmarks with an entrance from La Rambla. The first mention of the Boqueria market in Barcelona dates to year 1217. The current name is believed to derive from the Catalan “Boc”, meaning “goat“, therefore at Boqueria would be a place where goat meat is sold. Try some fresh fruits or any other authentic treat from the market.



8- Catalonia Square

The Catalonia square is a large square in central Barcelona that is generally considered to be both the city center and the place with the old city and the 19th century built in Champlin meat. Some of the city’s most important streets and avenues meet at the Catalonia square. It is especially known for its fountains and statues, its proximity to some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions and the flock of pigeons that gather in the center.

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