“Feminist strike” and monster events in Spain

For the second consecutive year, Spain celebrated Friday, March 8th with a “feminist strike” and massive demonstrations, having gathered more than half a million people in Madrid and Barcelona, while the subject took a strong political dimension before the legislative elections on 28 April.

“Madrid will be the tomb of machismo”, promised the protesters in the Spanish capital, where more than 350,000 people, according to the prefecture, formed a purple tide, the color of feminism.

In Barcelona, the second largest city in the country, 200,000 people mobilized, according to municipal police, while tens of thousands of others marched including in Bilbao, Valencia or Seville.



In front of the Madrid City Hall, the facade illuminated with purple like that of the Parliament, the demonstrators shouted “excuse us from the disturbance, we are assassinated”, in reference to the 975 women killed by their spouse or ex-companion between 2003 and 2018, according to official figures.

“How many women hold high office? Very little. And it’s not because they are not well trained, it’s because equality still does not exist,” Maria Nuñez, a retired woman, said in Barcelona. 70 years old.

“We must still fight against + micromechanism + on a daily basis,” assured Madrid Gemma Martin, who came to protest with her two sisters, purple eyeshadow.

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