“Feminist strike” and monster events in Spain

A year after the first historic “feminist strike”, the movement was once again very much followed. According to the UGT union, more than six million “workers” have gone on strike, at least two hours, with the slogan “if we stop, the world stops”.

A whole range of personalities has not worked, such as the Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, or many journalists. In the Basque Country, the session of the regional parliament had to be suspended for lack of a quorum, in the absence of most members of parliament.

Several ministers of the socialist government of Pedro Sanchez – the most feminine in the history of the country – were at the head of the Madrid procession. “We want a feminist Spain because it is only through feminism that we will end the macho violence and we will achieve real equality,” insisted Twitter Mr. Sanchez.



March 8, International Day for Women’s Rights, was marked by other events around the world.

In Greece, a three-hour work stoppage was observed in many administrations, a first.

In Istanbul, Turkish police fired tear gas against thousands of women gathered in the center of the city despite a ban on demonstrations.

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