“Feminist strike” and monster events in Spain

– Dissensions –

In Spain, while the subject was consensual in recent years, dissensions have emerged recently and have exacerbated a few weeks of the legislative elections of April 28.

On the right, the Popular Party – the first opposition party – did not join the demonstrations, accusing the left of exploiting the cause of equality.

And the far-right party Vox denounced in the processions, multiplies the provocations and calls for the repeal of the pioneering law of 2004 against machismo violence.



A platform grouping Catholic associations and anti-abortion has also called Sunday in Madrid a counter-demonstration to denounce an “old-fashioned” feminism. The ultraconservative Catholic association Hazte Oir (“Make yourself heard”) circulated a bus comparing feminists to the Nazis, featuring a photo montage of Hitler makeup, feminist logo on the cap.

“Last year, the court rulings were the detonator, the rage that led to the mobilization (in Spain),” said Anna Bosch, a famous Spanish journalist on strike on public television. A reference to the case of “La Meute”, in which five men were convicted for abusing a young woman but without the qualification of “rape” is retained.

“The message was addressed to the judiciary” in 2018 but “this year, it is aimed at political leaders,” she said.

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