Poll: Macron’s rating continues to rise, carried by executives and right electorate

According to an Elabe poll published Thursday in Les Echos, the rate of the French declaring their “confidence” to Emmanuel Macron goes back for the third consecutive month. This upsurge of opinion for the President of the Republic is explained first by the rallying of his former voters, the electorate right and cadres.
The latest barometer of the Elabe Institute for Les Echos and Radio Classique, published Thursday, marks the third monthly increase in confidence given by the French to Emmanuel Macron. Winning four points, this rate now reaches 31%. This is eight points higher than in December when only 23% of French people said they “trust to deal effectively with problems”. Thanks to this new progression, he surpasses François Hollande by six points on the same criteria and at the same time as his five-year term.



Philippe at 29%
Emmanuel Macron regains his score pre-yellow jackets, last September. If Edouard Philippe also picks up three points in this barometer, he is just tailgating his boss with 29% of French say they have confidence in him.

Emmanuel Macron has enough to be satisfied with these latest results pollsters, but not enough to flirt. Indeed, the head of state does not move away from his bases. His recovery is primarily the work of executives and intellectual professions, which he takes 14 points, raising its level to 47%, and his constituents in the first round of the last presidential, where he earns seven points (reaching 70 % of confidence). He also increases his confidence rate among the voters of François Fillon where he covers eight points, to cumulate 46%.

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