Russian case: former Trump campaign director sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison

Second sentence Wednesday
The Special Prosecutor’s Team Robert Mueller, in charge of establishing whether there was collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump’s campaign team in the 2016 presidential election, did not comment on a decision that goes far beyond of his recommendations.

He had asked for a significant penalty by noting that Paul Manafort had “tried to blame the others”, had not expressed remorse and continued to lie.

Although he is doing relatively well, Paul Manafort has not finished justice: sued in a court of Washington in a parallel file, it will be set Wednesday on his second sentence.

Luxury tastes
Prosecutor Mueller was naturally interested in Paul Manafort, who led the Republican candidate’s campaign for two months, but has, also, during his career, maintained business relations with Ukrainians close to Moscow.



As part of his investigation, the former head of the FBI discovered that Paul Manafort had, before 2016, hidden from the tax more than 55 million dollars on about thirty accounts abroad. He also established that the consultant had cheated banks on his finances to obtain loans. It is these frauds that were tried this summer, in Alexandria, before a popular jury that had recognized the person guilty of eight counts of an indictment.

The arid hearings had been spiced up by the former lobbyist’s revelations of luxury – he once paid $ 15,000 for an ostrich-skin jacket and pruned a grove in the shape of his initial “M”…

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