Syria: The final assault is launched against the last bastion of Daesh

The area is reduced to less than one square kilometer. It is the last enclave of the territory controlled by Daesh in Syria. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), dominated by Kurdish fighters, launched on Friday the final assault on the jihadists of the terrorist group in eastern Syria.

“After the evacuation of thousands of civilians and our comrades detained in Baghouz, the clean-up operation of the last pocket of Daesh began at 6 pm tonight,” said Mustafa Bali, press officer for the MSDS, on Twitter. The SDF, backed by a US-led international anti-Daesh coalition, launched their offensive against the jihadist coup in September. They had to suspend their operations more than two weeks ago, accusing Daesh of using civilians as “human shields”.

50,000 people fled the area
Thousands of people – mostly women and children – have left this pocket of the Baghouz area for a week. Dozens of people were parked on six trucks leaving the jihadist compound on Friday. This is the seventh evacuation operation since February 20, noted an AFP team on site.

Since early December, more than 50,000 people have left this area controlled by Daesh, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH). “The people we evacuated today told us that there were no civilians inside and that those who still inside did not want to leave,” Mustafa Bali told AFP. AFP.

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