Thanks to NASA, we can now know the daily weather on Mars


NASA has just announced the launch of a service for the least amazing: a daily weather report issued since … the planet Mars! A novelty that, behind its anecdotal appearance, hides major scientific issues.

We dreamed about it, NASA did it! The US Space Agency has just launched on its website a service of the highest importance – at least for the curious, and other scientists – a daily weather report, straight from the planet Mars. Essential for anyone wishing to venture on the Red Planet.



“It gives you the impression of visiting an alien place,” says Don Banfield, a researcher at Cornell University in the United States, and director of meteorological studies conducted using state-of-the-art instruments from the now-famous InSight probe. An “impression”, which fortunately remains only virtual; given the very winter weather conditions experienced by the fourth planet of the Solar System.

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