Thanks to NASA, we can now know the daily weather on Mars


Negative temperatures, Strong to moderate wind

“Sunday weather was normal for the location of the probe in this late winter boreal: a maximum of -17 ° C and a minimum of -95 ° C, with winds reaching 16.9 m / h. s and directed to the Southwest, “NASA said in a statement. A “little fresh wind”, against which a little wool would probably not be superfluous …

And to guard against a potential cold snap, the best is still to consult day by day the very precise data made available by the US Space Agency on a dedicated website. A very comprehensive weather report, which is due to the set of sensors that has InSight: the Auxiliary Payload Subsystem (APSS). A system composed in particular of a pressure sensor, two thermometers, and two anemometers, installed at the top of the probe; which also embarks, for the first time, to measure the punctual changes of the Martian magnetic field.



Unprecedented precision

“[With this combination of instruments], InSight will provide more [recorded] weather information day and night than any previous Martian mission. The probe records this data every second of every Martian day, and sends it to the Earth daily. The spacecraft is designed to continue these operations for at least the next two terrestrial years, allowing it to also study seasonal variations, “NASA explains.

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