TOP 10 things to do in VENICE

NUMBER 4: Museums and art galleries

Venice is home to amazing museums and art galleries. Located next to Arsenale you can find the Naval History Museum and ships pavilion and see some of the ships that were built here during the Venetian golden era. Don’t miss Galleria dell’Accademia, Museo Civico Correr, CA’ Rezzonico, Venice Glass Museum in Murano, etc. Famous galleries include Punta della Dogana, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, or Giudecca 795 Art Gallery.

NUMBER 3: Bridges

Did you know that Venice is situated on 118 small islands connected by over 400 bridges? The Bridges became an important part of the city’s infrastructure, as well as amazing pieces of architecture. Apart from the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs that we already mentioned, Venice is home to many exceptional bridges with amazing history, such as Ponte dei Pugni or Bridge of Fists celebrating centuries-old Venetian tradition of fist fights between Venetian clans. The losers would eventually fall into the canal below the bridge. The foot markings indicate where each part of the clan would have to stand during the fight. Ponte Chiodo or Nail Bridge, an ancient bridge without rails A much more modern Ponte Dell’Accademia bridge, crossing the Grand Canal, Ponte del Paradiso, and many others.



NUMBER 2: Gondola and Vaporetto

Venice would not be Venice without gondolas, an iconic rowing boat constructed specifically for use in the Venetian lagoon. You can find gondolas in most parts of Venice, and to truly experience the ancient Venetian canals, a ride on a gondola is a one-of-a-kind romantic experience. However, gondola rides can be very expensive, from 80 to over 100 EUR for 40 minutes. You can also take a guided motorboat tour. However, a cheaper alternative is buying a ticket for Venice public water transportation called Vaporetto. This way you will still be able to experience some of the main canals and attractions from water, which can also be an exciting experience.

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