Top 5 marvellous Travel Destinations of 2019

Malaysia or the Philippines? Two beautiful travel destinations with breathtaking landscapes and endless possibilities. Today we’re going to be finding out which holds the adventure you’re looking for in Southeast Asia. Today we have a clash, a clash of titans we’ve got Malaysia we’ve got the Philippines. Which is best for travel?



Probably, the best thing to start with to gain an overview of either of these countries is culture, now we’re talking the religion, the people, the attitudes. Let’s start with Malaysia it’s predominantly a Muslim country and although this varies depending on whichever region you’re going to. I would say this is generally quite noticeable wherever you are in the country, it might be in the way that people are dressing or even just the way that there’s cool to pray in the mornings and throughout the day, now the Philippines are owing to Spanish colonialism back in the 1500s is predominantly a Christian country now this has slightly different implications for each place, in Malaysia you’ll be expected to act and to dress slightly more conservatively you’ll find it harder to come across pork which is a staple in the Philippines in Malaysia in a lot of places you’ll actually struggle to see it anywhere on a menu or being offered in any restaurants, now the Philippines also because it’s more of an island nation there are loads of beaches whereas in Malaysia might be expected to dress slightly more conservatively, in the Philippines there’s definitely in a lot of the places I’ve visited at least more a tendency to not worry about if people are walking around in smaller clothing. It’s also important to remember that although there are definitely religions that are more prominent in each place there are also tribal histories to remember and there are lots of different smaller religions.

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