Top 5 marvellous Travel Destinations of 2019

The next category is experiencing now both offer a vast array of different things you can do both, have beaches both have incredible wildlife, but more often than that I would say that they offer different kinds of adventures. The Philippines is a tropical beach island paradise, the first image that most people have when they think the Philippines is that of islands and these incredible blue seas, and let me tell you right now that is 100% free these are some of the best beaches I’ve ever visited, some of the most incredible islands and its reputation as a beach destination is so well deserved there’s places like Quran and El Nido which are more visited by tourists and rightly so because they’re so beautiful, they have so many islands nearby, they have incredible stretches of beaches, but they also offer opportunities to get on a boat trip and go out for a few days and visit more off The Beaten track places and go to your own island with just a few other people and spend the night there either camping or in just a small island huh we’re talking beach bum paradise.



But there is also so much more than it has to offer while that might be where the majority of travelers spend their time it’s important to remember that there’s volcanoes, there’s mountain provinces where you can watch the Sun Rise and it will come right over clouds you can go to waterfalls you’ve got rice terraces and you’ve got hectic cities there’s so much that it has to offer.

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