Top 5 marvellous Travel Destinations of 2019

Malaysia, on the other hand, is more difficult to qualify with just one overarching image of the tourist activity there, you’ve got on Peninsular Malaysia, you have the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur with all of its modernity or you can go on an eight-hour bus and end up in the Cameron highlands with tea plantations surrounding you, you can go to the city of Penang and be in foodie heaven with so many delicacies or you can catch a ferry to an island like TM an island where you can learn to dive and you can also walk through jungles and have monkeys patchy overhead, you can go to an old colonial town or you can even pop down to Singapore and experience another modern metropolis, and then you go to East Malaysia and we’re talking wildlife like nowhere else I’ve seen orangutans crocodiles to propose this monkeys hornbills some bears we saw pygmy elephants crossing the Kinabatangan river, we saw proboscis monkeys with their huge bulbous noses from literally a few meters away, we saw millions of  bats exit a cave all in a long huge line it was one of the most ridiculous feats of nature that I’ve ever seen.

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