Top 5 marvellous Travel Destinations of 2019

We spent time hiking through caves and jumping in tropical rivers and there’s even the opportunity to climb this huge mountain of Borneo mount Kinabalu which we, unfortunately, didn’t have time for, but for wildlife spotting and for hiking and for caving east Malaysia really is a gem unlike any other.



That’s not to say the Philippines doesn’t have incredible wildlife too, you can go to the island of Bohol where they’ve got the ears and you can go diving where you’ll see reef sharks thresher sharks with their huge tails and this is why it’s so hard to choose between the two because they offer such different experiences the Philippines perhaps offers more of the adventurous experiences in the way of cliff jumping or canyoneering with cows and Falls there’s a lot of those kinds of is an island nation. In Malaysia, it seems to be more sweaty jungle hikes with some wildlife spotting opportunities and I guess it really depends on what you’re after most.
















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