Number Three

The new world you’ll discover underwater whether you’re snorkeling, free diving or scuba diving the Philippines has a plethora of options that make it difficult to know which to pick first, you could go to mobile and see the astonishing sardine run where thousands upon thousands of the fish moving formation with one another in a mesmerizing spectacle, maybe you’ll dive down to see one of the many wrecks The are just waiting to be explored near korun or maybe we’ll find one that’s so shallow you don’t even have to dive, or perhaps you’ll find yourself on a small island setting an alarm for 4 a.m. So you can go scuba diving to see the beautiful thresher sharks that tend to show up around Malapascua, if your early mornings aren’t your thing, then you can lay in and still find sharks later in the day or even dive through an underwater cave but one thing’s for sure if you want to explore beneath the surface the Philippines has you.

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